14 Bootstrap Navbar Examples, Templates Free

Before we get to Bootstrap Navbar Examples, I hope you already know what a navbar is. If not, well, you will learn it today. So, the navbar or the navigation bar, as the name suggests, helps a user navigate through the website(in short, acts as a map). A navbar can consist of a lot of things, like a logo, company name, links to different pages, links to social media, phone numbers, email-ids, etc. It’s not necessary to stuff all of it in the navbar, but it’s essential to have the basic stuff like the company name or logo and the links to the pages on your website.

You can create a navbar with plain HTML and CSS. But the website can be viewed on different screen sizes, so it should be responsive(look good on desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.). Bootstrap is a framework that makes it easier for you to build responsive websites. In this case, a responsive navbar. Bootstrap provides a collapsible navbar feature that handles the responsiveness part. Make sure to check out the official documentation of the Bootstrap navbar before proceeding.

Now that you know what a Bootstrap navbar is(if you knew already, there’s no harm in reading a few words that confirm it😅), let’s build some Bootstrap navbar templates. I mean, I have already created some, and you can use them. All free? Yes, free Bootstrap Navbar Examples. All the navbars below are actual Bootstrap navbars, not some images. Click on the Get Code link in the navbar to get the code or learn more.

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